​​We have weekly needs that we aim to meet.  Your donations of these brand new items will help us care for the families of our community in need. 

Tooth paste and tooth brushes
Bars of Soap and Body Wash
Shampoo and Conditioner
Washcloths and Towels


Plastic Bags and Shopping Bags
Ziploc Baggies—quart and gallon
Toilet Paper Tubes and Paper Towel Tubes
Egg Cartons

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Specifically for Children in Foster Care


Tote Bags

​Hairbrushes, Hair Dryers, Curling Irons

Make Up  

Personalized Notes of Encouragement

$ 5.00 gift cards for quick meals on the go​​

1 filled suitcase for child in care $45.00

Specifically for the homeless ministry

Sneakers and Socks
Rain Ponchos
Cereal Bars
Bottled Water, V-8 Juices, Gatorade

Personalized Notes of Encouragement 

1 Homeless Backpack Kit $10.00
1 Sleeping Mat $15.00

HOPE Community Outreach