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Word of LIFE the COAST
Hudson Florida

Experience Florida

Are you ready for a summer you’ll never forget? Campers at The Coast will experience high energy action, form lifelong friendships and make defining decisions about their faith as they spend their days  having a ton of fun in the Florida sun!

Never run out of things to do.

Sports! Swimming! Paintball! Rock wall! Tubing! Ropes courses! Shall we go on? At The Coast, your days will be chock-full of high-energy activities, music, speakers and games. We also create space between the activities for students to reflect on the biblical truth they’re learning, leaving them with a deeper and stronger faith.

HOPE 4 Kids and Word of Life
Partnership for Summer Camp

Hope 4 Kids serves Southwest Florida children who are in foster care, and children in working families who are having temporary difficulties. 

Viewing our website pages will explain how we serve the community. 

Hope 4 Kids ALSO provides a sleep away summer camp experience for children ages 6 to 18 at the Word of Life summer camp. 

Hope 4 Kids staff go to the camp with the children and stay the entire week.   We are not the camp directors or the camp counselors.  The camp is directed and staffed by the Word of Life Bible Institute.   The camp staff and counselors are bible school students during the year and as part of their education they serve the children at the camp. 

More about Word of Life CAMP can be found HERE

Please do not register your child at the Word of Life site - if they are attending with HOPE 4 Kids

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