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A Laptop for Johanna for school work


Johanna puts a lot of effort in school. She is dedicated and responsible. She has always been in an after school computer class which she enjoys a lot. She was learning to do coding before the Pandemic. The fact that school had to be closed was very hard for her. She doesn't have the computer class option anymore. She doesn't have a computer or laptop she can use at home. Her mom has to use the only laptop at home to keep working and providing for the family. A laptop will help her tremendously during this difficult time. It will not only help to keep her focused in school but to expand her knowledge on computers. This wish will be greatly appreciated and she will forever be thankful.


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Johanna is 8 years old and lives in Fort Worth, TX

Johanna is a bright and sweet young lady who loves school. She has a big heart and enjoys playing very much with her little brother, Richie. She always looks out for him and teaches him manners. She also enjoys origami and baking. She follows a family motto which is Listen, Focus, Concentrate, Participate and Respect.


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