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A New Bathing Suit for Tenesher who is excited for a beach day


Tenesher does not own a bathing suit and has the option to safely go to the beach next Tuesday. She has not taken off a single day since COVID-19 began, and has been working from home. She is so excited at the chance to get outside, please consider assisting with making Tenesher feel beautiful at the beach!


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Tenesher is 25 years old and lives in Bronx, NY

Tenesher is an amazing young woman who aged out of foster care a few years ago. Last year she graduated with her Bachelor's Degree and has since begun working full time providing resources and support to young people currently in foster care. She is a passionate advocate, a hard worker, and one of the most resilient young women we know! Tenesher has been accepted into law school, and looks forward to a career of service to others.


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