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A Cute Purse for Tamara who needs a fresh start


Tamara is growing into a beautiful, young lady. The purse she had before is torn and has been to each placement with her. She just wants a fresh start and something pretty she can call her own. Having 3 siblings in the home, it is hard to be an individual. She also likes body spray and lip gloss she could put in her purse.


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Tamara is 11 years old and lives in Dallas, TX

Tamara is a very friendly and loving child. She and her 4 siblings have been in and out of foster homes and shelters. Tamara is finally placed back home with 3 of her siblings and her light is finally being restored but needs help. Being the oldest, she has had to take care of he siblings a lot. Tamara needs to be the one to be taken care of a feel as special as she really is.

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