About This Wish

Help Provide Essentials for Summer Camp


Going to summer camp is very exciting to Gabby!  She will love to have some new things to take along with her.  Her mom works really hard to support the family and would appreicate the help getting necessities for the children to go to camp.  This year 3 of Gabby's siblings will come to camp too. 

This granted wish will allow Gabby to have new bathing suit, towels and some travel hygene items. 


Learn More About Gabby


Gabby is 10 years old and lives in Southwest Florida 

Gabby is an wonderful young lady. She has worked really hard in school this year getting excellent grade.  She is also a huge help around the house with her 5 brothers and sisters. 

Gabby is really looking forward to summer camp this year and will be very excited to have some new things to bring along with her. 

Summer Camp FUN