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How YOU Have Helped in SWFL

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hope 4 Kids of Southwest Florida exists to meet the needs of working families who are struggling.    As a community we can easily work together to assist families who are having temporary difficulties

Kids with Capes

Our Story

Hope 4 Kids starting serving SWFL children and their families in 2013. 

We have had the privilege of providing for the needs of hundreds of families with your help.

Your donations either directly to HOPE 4 Kids or to the resale store are providing great resources to families who are at risk of losing their children into the foster care system.  You are also helping families who are working hard to regain custody of their children who are temporarily in foster care,

as well as providing for the needs of children in foster care homes. 

Your financial donations and donations of clothing, accessories and furniture made to the HOPE CO ReSale Store allows HOPE 4 Kids to provide emergency assistance to hard working families who encounter temporary struggles. 

Many times a single mom has to chose between a car repair and groceries for the week.  Or what happens when you are a single Dad and the kids have been sick all week and you have missed work?   YOU are providing temporary assistance for the local special needs.  

How YOU help HOPE 4 KIDS help SWFL


How you have helped so far this year

Changing Lives in SWFL

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